The Cast Of "Godzilla Minus One" Wore Matching Godzilla-Themed Shoes, And Now They're Going Viral

One thing about me is that I love a theme, especially a group costume.

Six seniors joyfully raising fists in triumph, wearing casual athletic wear with ribbons around necks, standing outdoors
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So, I was especially excited when the cast of Godzilla Minus One showed up to the Oscars in matching Godzilla shoes.

Four individuals posing with Godzilla figures; two men in tuxedos, one woman in dress, celebratory event
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The movie, which is honestly one of my faves of the year, is nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Godzilla exhales blue atomic breath
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The cast already went viral a few months ago for their reaction to being nominated.

Twitter: @UpToTASK

And now they're going viral for their shoes:

Twitter: @DiscussingFilm

Here they are:

Feet of four people at a red carpet event, wearing various formal black shoes
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As you can see, they got a lil' Godzilla claw on 'em.

Close-up of a celebrity's black shoe with unique heel design on the red carpet
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Ultimately, even if they lose (which they seriously better not), I guarantee they have the *best* shoes on the red carpet.

Close-up of unique black heeled shoes with textured design, worn by an unidentified celebrity on a red carpet event
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You can find more of our Oscars coverage here. Bye!

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