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Cast of Bravo’s ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ on the ‘Emily in Paris’ comparisons: 'Our show is a lot different'

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When the trailer for Bravo’s latest show, Real Girlfriends in Paris, dropped earlier this summer, the connections to Netflix’s Emily in Paris were obvious. American ex-pats living in Paris? Check. Fashion-forward everyday outfits? Check. Hunky European men floating in and out of the picture? Check. Light friend drama? Check.

But while Emily in Paris takes a fantastical look at what it’s like living in the City of Lights as a young woman from the United States, Real Girlfriends in Paris presents that lifestyle while based in reality. Following a group of six American woman, the new series is more wanderlust than drama, with an overarching feeling that these co-stars are having fun together.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, four of the show’s cast members appeared on In The Know’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk, where they reacted to the comparisons between the two shows.

Listen to In The Know’s interview with the cast of Real Girlfriends in Paris below:

“[Emily Gorelik and I] get [compared to the show] the most because maybe I dress a little eccentrically, sometimes I have a middle part, found a man from Normandy, I’m in the fashion/collaboration/marketing [space],” Anya Firestone said. “People will look at us and say, ‘It’s the reality version of that,’ but it is the reality of being a young, independent woman trying to make something happen. What I do admire about Emily in that show is her chutzpah. She’s a go-getter, and you do have go-getter women in this group. But there’s a depth and struggles that Emily doesn’t have to deal with, and we have to deal with them.”

“I cannot step foot anywhere without someone saying, ‘Oh, look! Emily in Paris!’ For that reason I love it,” Emily Gorelik laughed. “There’s a certain stereotype that’s actually sometimes positive in the sense that it’s romanticized and she’s quirky and fun and interesting. But, of course, there’s so much more to the story.”

“It’s super natural,” Margaux Lignel said of people making the connection. “I think it’s one I’d definitely [make] like, ‘They made a real life Emily in Paris. They were inspired.’ Do I think our real lives are like Emily in Paris? No, we have imperfection and perfection and there’s a lot more in between. It’s a lot rawer and less romanticized. But it was definitely inspired by that show.”

“I think it’s common for anyone to make that comparison, especially with how popular Emily in Paris was, but we’ve been living our lives in Paris prior to Emily in Paris,” Victoria Zito said. “Our show is a lot different; it’s not scripted, and these are our real lives. I think it does show a more authentic Paris.”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with the cast of Real Girlfriends in Paris below and tune in to the premiere on Monday, Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo:

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