Cassie Sainsbury's relatives arrive home from visiting her in Bogota prison

Cassandra Sainsbury’s mother, sister and fiancé have landed in Sydney after visiting the accused drug smuggler in a Bogota prison.

The trio were on the same flight from Los Angeles and are waiting to catch a domestic flight home to Adelaide.

Pictured: Ms Sainsbury's mother and sister arrive at Sydney Airport. Photo: 7 News

Ms Sainsbury’s mother Lisa Evans and sister Khala did not want to talk to the media upon their arrival but were asked several questions as they made their way through the airport.

They were asked about new claims that Ms Sainsbury conned her alleged co-workers, at the brothel she is claimed to have worked at, into thousands of dollars to help pay for her dead mother’s funeral.

Ms Sainbury's fiancé Scott Broadbridge is sticking by her. Photo: AAP

According to her alleged former employer, Ms Sainsbury concocted a sympathy-enduring backstory, telling her fellow sex workers her mother had died of multiple sclerosis.

The woman also claims Ms Sainsbury lied on a second occasion, telling her co-workers she was diagnosed with cancer.

Cassandra Sainsbury told her fellow sex workers stories about her mother's death, her alleged former madam said.

The duo were also asked about the last time they spoke to Ms Sainsbury and when they hope to see her again, with no response given.

Since her arrest for allegedly attempting to smuggle 5.8kgs of cocaine out of Colombia, Ms Sainsbury’s story has shifted after first claiming she was set up.

She has now said she feared her family would be killed if she didn't partake.

Ms Sainsbury is now in a notorious woman's prison in Colombia.

Ms Evans has denied suggestions of having a “mother’s blind faith”, arguing her daughter is innocent.

“It goes against everything she stands for,” she told the media.

“She’s 100 per cent innocent. I believe that and I always will.”

Lisa Evans and her daughter Khala arrived in Sydney on Tuesday morning. Photo: 7 News

When asked how her daughter was after a prison visit, she said: “Very good. Beautiful.”

It’s understood Ms Evans and Ms Sainsbury have had a troubled relationship of sorts, reportedly not on speaking terms for quite some time.

It's also believed the relationship between Mr Broadbridge and Ms Evans is quite strained.