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Cashback for 720,000 motorists under $60 toll cap

NSW drivers in some suburbs will be able to claim back up to $540.

Australian money and Sydney toll road.
Aussie drivers will be able to claim cash back when they spend more than $60 a week on tolls. (Source: Getty)

Thousands of NSW motorists will be eligible to claim cash back on road tolls, when a new cap comes into effect next year.

From January 1, the NSW government will introduce a $60 weekly toll cap, as promised during the March state election.

An estimated 720,000 toll users will be able to claim back whatever they spend above $60 a week, which will be paid as a quarterly refund from Service NSW.

Kellyville and its surrounding suburbs will see the highest number of drivers benefit, with more than 13,000 toll account users able to claim an average of $399 a year each.

Roads Minister John Graham said more motorists would be able to access the scheme than originally anticipated.

“Motorists - particularly in western Sydney, where access to public transport alternatives have been more limited than in other parts of the city - have been crying out for relief from the ever-rising burden of tolls on the family budget,” Graham said.

Motorists in Silverwater are expected to receive an average $475 cash back, according to Transport for NSW forecasts, while Glendenning drivers will get an average of $540 back.

Blacktown drivers will be able to claim $440 back, on average, while Rosehill drivers will get $504 and Quakers Hill drivers will get $446, on average.

Motorists in Holsworthy are expected to claim $286, while those in Gosford could claim $199, on average.

The government is also introducing toll rebates for heavy vehicles using the M5 East and M8 tunnels from January 1.

What other toll relief is available?

The $60-a-week toll cap comes on top of the government’s existing 40 per cent rebate for frequent toll users.

Eligible motorists who spend more than $402 a year on tolls in the 2023-24 financial year, will receive the 40 per cent rebate. The rebate is capped at $802.

You can claim once a quarter or up to one year after the financial year ends. Claims close June 30, 2025.

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