'She got her a** whooped by 13-year-old': Cash me outside teen explains plane brawl

The teen dubbed "Cash Me Outside" girl has used Facebook to explain an incident on a place where she was filmed fighting another passenger who she claims pushed her mother.

Danielle Bregoli called the woman a "drunk crackhead" and said the fight allegedly happened after her mother Barbara Ann became involved in a dispute with another person.

It’s claimed the other person involved became angered by the time it took Barbara Ann to load her luggage into the carry-on compartment.

Bregoli was kicked off the Spirit Airlines flight after she punched another passenger while boarding the LAX bound aircraft.

Danielle Bregoli took to Facebook to explain the plane incident. Photos: Facebook.

Joined by her mother, the 13-year-old had landed another spot on Dr Phil and was flying back to Los Angeles for filming when the fight broke out.

Her mother can be heard telling one passenger to not call her daughter "trash" as the commotion unfolds.

Amused passengers could be seen filming the screaming match, before those involved were kicked off the plane.

“She got her ass whooped by a 13-year-old… that’s what happens ho,” Bregoli declared in the Facebook video after the incident.

“Had to hit a b***h yesterday at the airport #cashmeoutside #howbowdat,” she also wrote.

Bregoli made headlines after an expletive-ridden appearance on Dr Phil.

Since then she's better known as "Cash Me Outside" girl.

The internet sensation was filmed hurling punches and screaming at a female passenger before landing a large blow on her opponent, adding to her growing list of viral videos.

“I'm calling her every name under the sun, she's calling me and my mom racial slurs and doesn't even know what she's talking about,” Bregoli told TMZ.

Danielle Bregoli can be seen screaming in another passenger's face as the brawl erupted. Source: Instagram
The 13-year-old told her Facebook fans that she
The fight allegedly erupted after Barbara Ann Bregoli got in an argument and told another passenger not to call her daughter

“All I know is that she hit my mom and I need to whoop her right now.”

Her initial appearance on Dr Phil went viral when she tried to fight members of the audience. Source: Dr Phil
She announced there would be a second appearance on Dr Phil. Source: Facebook

Danielle rose to fame in 2016 when her mother asked Dr Phil for help fixing her daughter's "car-stealing, knife-wielding" ways.

During her television debut the out-of-control teen told members of the audience "cash me ousside", which her mother translated to, "meet her outside" to fight.

Her reunion with Dr Phil is expected to go to air later this month.