Casey Donovan kisses friend Danielle Vos goodbye

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Casey was spotted kissing her friend Danielle Vos farewell at Sydney airport. Photo: DIIMEX.

Australian Idol winner and powerhouse entertainer Casey Donovan couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she kissed a female friend on the lips at Sydney airport earlier this week.

The 31-year-old farewelled Danielle Voss, a TV producer, with a heartfelt smooch before jetting off, presumably to Brisbane where her musical Chicago began its latest leg on Thursday.

Casey, who plays Mama Morton in the stage production, followed up the lip-lock with a warm embrace, holding her pal close in the drop-off parking zone.

Casey appeared relaxed and happy with Danielle. Photo: DIIMEX.
The pair shared a warm embrace. Photo: DIIMEX.

The pair, who reportedly met earlier this year, lingered to chat while touching hands before soon-to-be Eurovision contestant Casey picked up her luggage and made her way into the terminal.

The R U OK? Day ambassador was grinning from ear-to-ear as she carried her two suitcases and guitar following the fond farewell.

Casey - who revealed she suffered panic attacks before stripping off on nation TV for The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night in September - appeared to be in excellent spirits, despite leaving her friend behind.

Casey and Danielle stayed close while saying their goodbyes. Photo: DIIMEX.

Who is Danielle Voss?

According to New Idea, Casey and Danielle worked together back in May when Casey appeared on SBS’s Who Do You Think You Are?

The publication claims that Danielle sang Casey’s praises in an Instagram post, calling her “one of the most genuine, down to earth and generous people I’ve ever worked with”.

“Many laughs were had along the way, as we car karaoke’d our way between locations,” Danielle wrote in the caption.

While her account is currently private, Danielle’s Instagram bio states that she is a ‘TV Producer’ whose recent work includes Channel 10’s One Born Every Minute.

Danielle is a TV producer on Channel 10's One Born Every Minute. Photo: DIIMEX.

Casey’s catfishing hell

Earlier this year, Casey opened up about a twisted cat-fishing ordeal that saw her devote six years of her life to a man who never existed, leaving her devastated and heartbroken.

Appearing on Andrew Denton’s Interview, the I’m A Celebrity 2017 winner spoke candidly about the turbulent experience which saw a stranger - ‘Campbell’ - come into her life when she was a shy 16-year-old, fresh off her Idol win and on tour for the first time.

Casey and Danielle reportedly met in May when the singer appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? Photo: DIIMEX.

‘Campbell’ showered her in love and attention but continually cancelled on plans to meet, leading Casey to become suspicious. She began to suspect that one of her friends, a woman called Olga, was posing as ‘Campbell’ and, after confronting her, found out she was right.

“That was my world… done, basically. I wanted to die,” she told host Andrew.

Casey was tipped to host Australia’s own version of the popular MTV show Catfish, but her hopes were short-lived when Channel 10 cancelled the program ahead of pilot week.

Happily, Casey appears to have moved on with her life thanks to the support of her family, friends and fans, making 2019 one of her most successful years yet.

Casey could barely contain her grin as she entered the airport. Photo: DIIMEX.

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