Case dropped over alleged poisoning plot

A Sydney woman facing criminal charges over an alleged conspiracy to fatally poison a young man has had the case against her withdrawn.

Claire Dawson, 31, had three charges against her dropped in a mention at Sydney's Downing Centre District Courts on Thursday.

Ms Dawson was charged alongside co-accused Marissa Tofield in January 2020 in relation to a conspiracy to murder a 30-year-old man.

The charges dropped include conspiring and agreeing to murder a person, attempting to use poison as to endanger life and administering poison intending to injure, cause distress and pain.

Tofield pleaded guilty to administering poison or another substance intending to injure, cause distress or pain.

She was sentenced for her role in the alleged plot in October 2021 to a 12-month community corrections order which expired in October last year.

In January 2020, police said officers had raided the two women's flats in Sydney's inner west and found cannabis, methylamphetamine, mobile phones, laptops and documents.