WATCH: Cars come crashing down in snowfall calamity

Drivers in Russia were filming having trouble dealing with snowfall with several cars filmed sliding along icy roads and into each other.

Video from Vladivostok shows the difficulty the drivers have controlling their cars.

One car sits stricken with its hazard lights on but in the distance a van spins through the snow, sliding down the snow-covered hill.

The van spins out of control. Source: Jukin

The van hits a parked 4WD before slamming into hatchback, but it doesn’t stop there.

It spins and smashes into a tractor down hill, pulling it down the icy road with it as the hatchback from earlier trails behind them.

The three vehicles continue to slide, much to the shock of pedestrians, before finally coming to a halt.

The three cars slide down the icy road. Source: Jukin