Carrie Bickmore handed a warning by radio bosses

Sarah Carty
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She’s one of the most-loved presenters on both TV and radio and now Carrie Bickmore has revealed she was warned about her bad language on her radio show. 

Speaking on her FOX FM show with Tommy Little, the Carrie And Tommy Show, the 39-year-old said that she now tries to be mindful of what she’s saying while on air. 

Carrie Bickmore has revealed she's been given a bad language warning. Photo: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

“I always use the barometer of, ‘I don’t know how I’d feel about that if Ollie (Carrie’s 12-year-old son) was in the back seat of the car right now,” she said. 

Her co-host, Tommy Little, chimed in, spilling the beans on Carrie’s word of warning from her boss. 

“But she says the most outlandish stuff. In our first meetings, with our boss, the only notes were: ‘Carrie you need to stop swearing’. She kept saying s--t,” Tommy said. 

Carrie tried to defend herself, saying: “I wasn’t saying it aggressively, I was saying things like s--t happens, and the boss is like, ‘You can’t keep saying that three times a show’.”

This week, it was revealed that Carrie has re-signed her long-running contract with Network 10, after extended negotiations to up her pay packet reportedly failed.

Carrie spilled the beans on the Carrie and Tommy show, alongside co-host, Tommy Little. Photo: Getty Images

The Project host has been at the program’s helm for more than a decade and has since become one of the network’s most famous faces.

But despite this, the mother-of-three reportedly didn’t manage to up 10’s original offer of $750,000 a year—which is said to be a fraction of Lisa Wilkinson’s rumoured $2million salary.

The claims were first reported by The Daily Telegraph and appear to confirm that Carrie will remain at The Project’s desk beyond next year at the least.

“[The signing brings] an end months of stalled contract negotiations,” the publication reported.

Yahoo Lifestyle have contacted Network 10 for comment.

Carrie previously revealed she thought her career was over before it even got going. Photo: Getty Images

Humble beginnings

Carrie previously revealed she once feared her career was over before it had ever even taken off.

“I still remember our first episode — it was terrible,” Carrie revealed in her Logie’s acceptance speech.

“[Dave] Hughesy remarked at the end of it that was his career done. I remember thinking, s**t, if that is what Hughesy is saying I have no hope.”

The show celebrated ten years on the air in July.

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