Carer's clap back after finding nasty 'calling card' over bad parking

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A Queensland carer has hit back after receiving two “sick” notes on their windshield for parking in two spaces.

The woman, a resident of Hervey Bay north of Brisbane, shared a photo of the note she received on Facebook after parking at Stocklands shopping centre earlier this week.

“Congrats on parking like a w*****,” one of the notes reads.

Another card reads: “please learn to park properly or just stop driving”.

Two pre-printed notes are pictured insulting the recipient's parking.
A woman looking after a man with a wheelchair received these two notes for parking across two spaces. Source: Facebook

The note’s recipient had a few choice words for the person who left the notes.

“You made my day. I actually thought someone is bound to have a sook about it and I was right,” she wrote.

“Did you notice the big disability parking permit on my windscreen next to where you beautifully placed the calling card?”

“Although I may have upset you I really don’t care too much. After doing several laps of stocklands car park there were no disabled parks available. Believe it or not they are my preferred parks. My client is in a wheelchair because, well he only has one leg.”

A wheelchair pictured in the back of a ute.
The woman explained she parked in two spots so she could get the wheelchair and her client out. Source: Facebook

She wrote she parked across two spaces so she could get her client’s wheelchair out.

“Not only so I could get the wheelchair off the back of my ute also to get my client out of the car without him getting injured but also so we didn’t do any damage to other cars around us,” she wrote.

“Yes I know how inconsiderate of me. My bad. So next time you are more than welcome to come and park next to me in a single park but I cannot guarantee your car door will be left as you parked it.”

On Facebook, people were incensed by the notes with one woman claiming the “only w*****” in this situation is the “person who placed the card”.

Another woman wrote the person who left the cards “needs to get a life”.

“Gosh, this makes me sick,” another woman wrote.

Another added this is a “classic example” of someone who “needs to learn to mind their own business”.

“I’m probably the next person to get a card since my parking is atrocious everyday,” another woman wrote.

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