Car towing trailer with no wheels speeds under boom gate in wild police chase

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A wild police chase has unfolded near a Perth train station, with a 4WD towing a trailer without wheels under a lowering boom gate to escape the unmarked police cars trailing in pursuit.

Remarkable footage shows the Landcrusier narrowly missing the gate on Kelvin Road as sparks fly from the back of the trailer that is being dragged across the pavement.

A WA Police spokesperson told Yahoo7 News that the 4WD stopped failed to stop on Phillip Road in Maddington just before 7.40pm on Tuesday night.

They said the wheels became dislodged from the trailer, however the motorist failed to pull over when flagged down by police.

The wheels from the trailer became dislodged creating a spray of sparks flying from the back. Source: Facebook/Mandy
The 4WD narrowly avoided the boom gate. Source: Facebook/Mandy
Police officers could only watch on from behind the boom gate as the 4WD sped away. Source: Facebook/Mandy

Footage shows the unmarked police cars being brought to a stop as they wait for the oncoming train to pass.

The spokesperson confirmed that the pursuit was called off moments later and that the vehicle was last seen driving south on Tonkin Highway.

They said inquiries are continuing to locate the driver.

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