Car covered in abusive messages spotted driving on Aussie road

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

It’s fair to say cheating on your partner rarely, if ever, ends well.

And one Perth motorist has learned the hard way after his car was all but destroyed by what appears to be a scorned ex-lover.

Footage shared to Perth – Have a Whinge Facebook page on Sunday shows a male driver stopped at traffic lights in Joondalup with a severely damaged car.

The motorist was driving around in a severely damaged vehicle. Source: Facebook/ Gracie Johnson

The white sedan had the word ‘CHEATER’ spray painted on both sides of the vehicle while ‘DOG’ was written in large letters on the bonnet.

To add to the driver’s woes, his windscreen had been smashed in several places while the rear window was completely shattered.

Hundreds of users viewed the post, many in disbelief that the man was still driving the car.

Both the rear and front windows were smashed. Source: Facebook/ Gracie Johnson

“Ouch… Can’t believe they are driving it,” one bemused commenter said.

“I wouldn’t be driving that around,” another wrote.

Others managed to see the funny side of the man’s predicament, one woman joking that the car was actually hers.

 “Excuse me, that’s my car and he’s just hella upset he lost at Connect 4!” she claimed.

Last year an Adelaide man was left with a hefty repair bill after his $400,000 Mercedes was attacked by an apparent angry ex-lover.