Car careers into childcare centre playground moments before lunchtime break

Ashlea Brown

A runaway car has ploughed through the fence of a Sydney childcare centre and into the playground, causing near catastrophe.

The near disaster happened just with 50 children - some of them babies - just metres away, inside Macquarie Long Daycare and Early Learning Centre.

They were due to go out into the playground on their lunch break just minutes before the accident.

It is believed the driver of the car suffered a seizure as the car smashed through the fence and demolished chairs in the playground.

The driver is believed to have had a seizure at the wheel. Photo: 7 News

Mobile phone vision shows panicked witnesses rushing through the smoke to the scene.

The first piece of debris raises fears of the worst kind and a child's chair can be seen strewn in the middle of the car park.

The injured driver was trapped in the crashed vehicle and worried witnesses soon realised that the playground was empty.

Mums were very relieved after the news. Photo: 7 News

"I was a bit worried, but yeah. I'm very relieved now," one mother said.

"My little boy is safe. Nobody was hurt. That's the main thing," another said.

"If it had been half an hour later I think he would have killed some children."

Police believe the driver lost control of his Ford Sedan and clipped one car before crashing into a 4WD and sent careering into the playground.

The driver is in hospital under observation after the crash. Photo: 7 News

Witnesses have told police the 38-year-old driver had suffered a seizure behind the wheel.

The driver is under observation in hospital.

Parents of children at the centre told 7 News that they hope the driver makes a full recovery.

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