Former school captains pen letter to oppose 'sacking' of deputy headmaster

Former captains and vice-captains of Melbourne's prestigious Trinity Grammar School have written a letter to the school saying it has ignored student welfare by forcing popular deputy headmaster Rohan Brown to resign.

Mr Brown resigned after a school photo day stunt last Thursday. The former deputy headmaster cut a student's hair because it didn't meet the standards of the school's grooming guidelines.

There has been uproar at the school since the incident with students and parents joining in vocal protests against Mr Brown's dismissal.

Rohan Brown, deputy principal of Kew's Trinity School, was stood down because he reportedly trimmed a student's hair on school photo day. Source: Trinity College
Footage emerged online of Mr Brown cutting a student's hair. Source: 7 News

Fifty former captains and vice-captains from 2001 to 2007 wrote a letter to the headmaster and the school council chair on Monday night.

“As former Trinity Captains and Vice Captains, we are writing to express our profound disappointment,” the letter says.

The group wrote that they were concerned about “the change in culture and direction of the school”.

“In recent years, the school’s executive leadership has made clear its intention to change the school’s vision and direction.

“This has seen a dramatic shift from Trinity’s position as a non-selective, not-elite school dedicated to holistic personal development, to an institution focused on ‘exceptional’ performance defined by ATAR excellence, growth and profit.

"This in turn has alienated vast sections of the school community and, in the eyes of many old boys, Rohan stood in the face of that new direction as a champion of the school's tradition values."

An extract from the letter written by former students to the school council. Source: Facebook / Concerned TGS Community

Students aren't letting it slide. A letter circulated on Monday night by the current captains detailing why the students were going to protest the decision on Tuesday.

"The Year 12's will be wearing casual clothes to send a message that we are utterly hurt, angry and disappointed with the sacking of Mr Brown," the letter says.

A petition was started and has almost 800 signatures with messages of support for the beloved deputy headmaster.

“Without Brown, the school will fall apart,” one person wrote. “The school will go into chaos without him,” another said.

Mr Brown had taught at the private boys' college for almost 30 years. Source: Google Street View
Students protesting at the school on Tuesday. Source: 7 News

On Tuesday, students protested on the school grounds, donning casual clothing and brown armbands.

Two former council chairmen, Neil Williams and Murray Verso, issued a joint statement on Sunday via the Concerned TGS community Facebook page.

The pair wrote that Mr Brown’s sacking was the culmination of months of bigger issues.

“Last week’s sacking of Trinity’s much admired deputy headmaster, Rohan Brown, is symptomatic of broader issues occurring at the school,” they wrote.