Capitol police begged for help, trial told

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Democrats at former president Donald Trump's impeachment trial have played audio recordings of police officers begging for more help against rioters storming the Capitol, the fear and panic apparent in many of their voices.

As the mob breached the Capitol, one officer told dispatch: "We're still taking rocks, bottles and pieces of flag and metal pole."

In another recording, an officer says, "We have been flanked, and we've lost the line."

Democratic impeachment managers on Wednesday showed videos of badly outnumbered officers trying to fight rioters and protect the building.

One clip showed Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman directing Republican Senator Mitt Romney to safety.

Capitol Police officers have previously told the Associated Press they were not warned ahead of time of the potential of violence that day and were not trained or equipped to stop thousands of assailants trying to disrupt the certification of President Joe Biden's victory over former president Donald Trump.