'Can't stop shaking': Woman spots 'monster' at Queensland beach

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A woman has captured the moment a “monster” crocodile decided to make a quick snack out of a small shark she was trying to put back in the water at a Far North Queensland beach.

The video filmed at Cardwell Beach shows a man and a woman standing metres from the water with two small sharks on the shore as a crocodile slowly swims toward them.

“Check out this monster… holy smackers,” the woman can her heard saying as she films the croc getting closer toward the pair.

“I just caught a shark which I couldn’t get back into the water because this fella is going to come in and eat it.”

a large crocodile swims up to a beach in North Queensland to steal a fish that had just been caught.
A man and a woman stood just metres away from the crocodile. Source: Facebook/Yvonne Palmer

As the reptile swims closer to the shore, the woman’s voice starts to shake and she begins swearing.

“Oh my lord, this thing is only metres from us,” she says.

“I have never been shaking so much in my whole f***ing life”.

As the crocodile emerges from the water it’s clear how large it is and the woman starts taking deep breaths.

“Man ... this monster is like 10 metres in front of us,” she says.

As the croc snaps up the small shark laying on the shore the woman doesn’t hold back.

“F**k me dead I can’t stop shaking ... s**t,” she says

The crocodile heads back into the water to finish his first mouthful before returning for a second snack laying on the shore.

The man with the woman moves closer to the croc and grabs his phone from a bag.

“No ... that’s not even three metres away from you... you’re f***ing crazy lad,” the woman cautions.

“Don’t ever ask me to jump in the water to catch your fish again,” she adds as the satisfied crocodile swims off.

A giant crocodile snaps up a fisherman's catch on Cardwell Beach in North Queensland
The huge crocodile was spotted on Cardwell Beach in Far North Queensland. Source: Facebook/Yvonne Palmer

The video quickly went viral and at the time of publishing has been viewed close to 400,000 times on Facebook, just five hours after it had been posted.

“I’d be filming from up in the tree,” one person commented.

“Should have asked if he wanted his shark crumbed or battered first,” another person joked.

Despite the woman apologising for shaking while filming, many praised her for keeping her cool.

“That is the coolest video of a croc! You held the camera so still,” one person said.

“Can hear you breathing, you did good keeping it still,” another person commented.

“I may have wet myself a little,” the woman joked.

A few people said they would think twice before visiting that spot for fishing in the future.

“That's an awesome experience for you guys, we used to drag the net there, maybe not anymore,” one commented.

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