Woman creeped out by UberEats driver at her door

A woman says she holds serious safety concerns with food delivery service UberEats after she has twice been assigned a delivery driver who wasn't who they said they were.

Canadian woman Brittney Palmer says when she ordered UberEats she was told a female driver, Rayna, would be bringing her order to her home but instead an older man who wouldn't provide his name showed up to her doorstep.

Ms Palmer told CTV News she questioned the man when he arrived at her home.

Ms Palmer was left angry that she was given a driver who was not who they said they were. Source: CTV News / Brittney Palmer
Ms Palmer ordered from popular food delivery service app UberEats. Source: AAP / File photo

"He goes oh this is just my profile and I said that isn't you," Ms Palmer said.

"You are an elderly man who is here to deliver my food when the photo is clearly a young female. He said it's OK and then he left."

After the January encounter, Ms Palmer complained to Uber about their screening process for drivers by leaving a note under the account when it prompted her for feedback on the delivery.

The company replied to Ms Palmer's concern, telling her it had "taken note" of her feedback and that "rest assured, appropriate actions will be made".

However, it didn't take long for her to realise the company allegedly didn't resolve the situation.

This is the profile the man was allegedly using. Source: CTV News / Brittney Palmer
Ms Palmer responded to the company, angry that the person was not who they said they were. Source: CTV News / Brittney Palmer

When the Ottawa resident ordered from the delivery service again in March, the same male driver with the same profile was assigned to her order again.

"Clearly they are not dealing with that issue," Ms Palmer said.

Ms Palmer said that she expects the driver that is pictured to deliver her order and questioned why someone would need to use a deceptive profile if nothing was wrong with their record.

"After this I will no longer use Uber or UberEats," Ms Palmer said.

Yahoo7 has contacted UberEats for comment.

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