Photo of python hiding on Queensland deck drives the internet mad

A cheeky snake is hiding on the back patio of this Sunshine Coast home but can you spot where it is?

Even Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Stu Mackenzie will admit this one’s tricky after he uploaded it to Facebook on Saturday.

It had people puzzled, even with the clue he gave.

“This is pretty tough so I will give you a clue. What do snakes like to make the most of in the mornings?” he wrote.

Can you spot the snake in this photo? There's one clue - what do snakes enjoy doing in the morning? Source: Facebook/ Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

People pointed out snakes enjoy bathing in the sun but still no one could find it.

“It’s a phantom snake - surely,” one man wrote.

Some gave up.

The carpet python was chilling out on the back of the lounge. Source: Facebook/ Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

“Oh please put us out of our misery,” one woman wrote.

The snake catcher pointed out the serpent, a carpet python, is resting on the lounge in the sun.

“I need to visit Specsavers,” one woman wrote.

Others pointed out the cheeky snake was nearly impossible to find.

“Sorry guys. Maybe this was too difficult,” Mr Mackenzie wrote.

Another shot of the sneaky snake. Source: Facebook/ Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

While some found this particular spot the snake a little too tricky not everyone was upset.

“No apologies necessary. Awesome brain activity and amusing comments,” one woman wrote.

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