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Can you spot the illegal $349 act in this picture?

There is an illegal act occurring in this picture but can you spot it?

NRMA Insurance posted the picture on Facebook asking people if they could spot the demerit point in the scenario.

A packed T-intersection is seen with two traffic lights and a heap of pedestrians.

Given how busy it is, people had many suggestions of who was breaking the law.

“Black car driver is holding their phone to their ear,” one man wrote.

A busy street is pictured.
Who in this picture stands to be hit with a demerit point? Source: NRMA Insurance

One man went as far as to suggest there were two law violations.

“The taxi at the left has too much blackout on his front window,” he wrote.

“The white car at the red light is missing his right hand side mirror.”

Some pointed out a passenger in a jeep in the top left corner of the picture appears to be tossing rubbish out the window.

“Very naughty and an offence,” one man wrote.

Others jokingly offered other answers.

“The girl dribbling the soccer ball is attempting to pass it to the guy with his hand up who’s clearly offside,” one man wrote.

However, while you can be fined for tossing rubbish out of a car window it is not an offence punishable by a demerit. The fault in this scenario actually lies with the man riding the scooter.

“Geez, there’s a lot of imagination in the comments but the only demerit is the scooter rider without a helmet,” one man wrote.

NRMA confirmed this is the offence being committed in the photo. In NSW, failure to wear a helmet can cost riders $349 and three demerit points. It is also a double demerit point offence meaning if it is done on a public holiday riders can be slapped with six points.

The offence is the same if a motorbike rider has a passenger not wearing a helmet.

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