Can you spot the glaring error in this sofa advertisement?

Shoppers in the market for a second-hand lounge have mocked an attempt to sell a “slightly used couch” in Texas.

The online classified ad boasts that the $250 three seater lounge is “soft, grey” and comes from a home where there are no pets.

However users on the Reddit subforum titled “There was an attempt” spotted the obvious lie in the advertisement for the ‘pet-free’ sofa.

The online advertisement promised a couch that came from a home with "no pets". Source: Reddit/SayLittleDoMuch

Spotted in the advertisement was a white cat with a distinct black spot on its head sitting behind the bargain item.

At first reddit users thought it may have been a simple grammar error in the copy of the ad.

“I see only one pet,” a person wrote, noting that the seller wrote “pets” as a plural, while only one cat could be seen in the photo.

Others gave the seller the benefit of the doubt.

“Maybe the couch doesn't like pets and is seeking a pet-free home” one suggested.

A cat can be seen sitting behind the couch in the advertisement. Source: Reddit/SayLittleDoMuch

“They're just making it clear that the couch doesn't come with a cat,” another said.

Another person suggested everyone had jumped to conclusions and the feline in the photo may be not be who they thought.

“The cat is the seller, he’s just trying to make room for his new condo,” they said.

One cat lover on the forum made a very heartwarming point, that for some people, felines are considered part of the family.

“That’s not a pet, that’s family,” they wrote.

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