Can you spot the demerit offence in this NRMA road rules photo?

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It’s no secret safety authorities like to keep drivers thinking about road rules, and a cryptic question on the NRMA Facebook page has got people talking.

The post features a graphic of a lively night on Sydney’s George St with cars, taxis, trams and buses all driving through an intersection. It then casually asks for the viewer to spot the demerit point offence.

So can you unravel this mystery?

A NRMA graphic showing a Sydney CBD intersection featuring a demerit points offence.
The NRMA quizzed users on a busy road scene in Sydney's George St precinct. Source: NRMA

A myriad of options to demerit question

There are plenty of things going on in the picture and it is safe to say comments on the post offered up a wide range of answers.

A lot of attention was paid towards a P-plate driver travelling through the intersection, with many people suspecting they were the main issue.

People pointed out multiple problems with this vehicle, suggesting it had too many passengers for the time of day (11.10 pm), passengers not wearing seatbelts and even passengers having limbs flailing out the windows.

Some people gravitated away from the P-plater in jest, suggesting “the buses should get demerits” for having a blacked-out rear windscreen to host the question posed by the Facebook post.

Others even took jabs at rival cities, with one particular user thinking the trams suggested a Melbourne setting and quipping: “That alone is punishment enough!”

So what was the correct answer?

A young woman shows off her P-plates.
P-platers could be issued seven demerit points if they have are driving with more than one passenger after 11pm at night. Source: Getty Images

A P-plate driver predicament

The NRMA dropped some subtle hints in the picture, drawing attention to things such as the open windows on the P-plate driver's car and the clock indicating the time was 11.10 pm.

The correct answer is the P-plater is carrying more than one passenger. Licence conditions in NSW only allow provisional licence holders under the age of 25 to drive with just one passenger under 21 between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Anyone caught doing this on their provisional licence could be slapped with seven demerit points as well as a $581 fine from NSW Police.

These penalties can be applied to a new driver regardless of whether they are on a P1 or P2 licence on NSW roads.

With that in mind, these quizzes serve as a worthwhile reminder to P-platers to always stick to the conditions of their licence as one false move could prove costly if they aren’t careful.

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