Can you spot the deadly danger in this muddy picture?

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Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife has shared a remarkable photo of a crocodile, showcasing the terrifying animal's very impressive camouflage tactic — but can you spot the lurking danger?

The Parks and Wildlife service explained on Facebook the picture was captured by local man Rodney Fischer and was taken near the Northern Territory-West Australian border.

Covered in mud, the crocodile was just lying in wait.

The only part of the crocodile not covered in mud in the photo is its beady eye, which one might not notice if they were to walk past it.

Can you spot the crocodile in this picture? Source: Rodney Fischer via Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife
Can you spot the crocodile in this picture? Source: Rodney Fischer via Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

"2021 hide and seek winner is...," one person said in the comments.

"Remember, you are in croc country," Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife said in the post and linking out to Northern Territory Government's 'Be Crocwise' page.

The government warns any body of water in the Top End "may contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles".

"When it comes to crocodiles, the Northern Territory (NT) Government takes your safety seriously, but ultimately how you behave around crocodile habitats is your responsibility," the site says.

Warning comes after men's remarkable tale of survival

Two men recently survived 48 hours in croc-infested waters in the Northern Territory.

The two men were in a boat, heading from Daly River Boat Ramp toward Anson Bay in the Daly River region on Thursday when their boat hit a submerged object causing it to sink.

The area is known to have large crocodiles and one was taken from the area on Tuesday. Source: Getty Images, file
Crocodiles can be found in any body of water in the Northern Territory. Source: Getty Images, file

The emergency beacon on the boat was not working and their phones had sunk along with the boat.

The two swam to a nearby island and waited until they could be rescued, making a help sign out of an esky lid.

Superintendent Shaun Gill said the pair were "extremely lucky to survive" as they had to throw things at a crocodile who tried to attack them.

"I've been involved in this about 30 years and this is about as horrific as it gets," he said.

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