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Can you spot the 'ridiculously common' snake in this Aussie yard?

A Queensland snake catcher had no trouble locating a juvenile carpet python when he rocked up to a job, but can you find the snake in this photo he share?

Brandon Wilkinson from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast told Yahoo News Australia on Friday when he arrived at the property on Thursday, the snake was pretty easy to spot, as it was sitting right in front of the garden seen in the photo.

However, the photo, which was taken after the snake slithered into hiding, stumped people on Facebook when the snake catcher asked people to try and find it in the photo.

A coastal carpet python hidden among garden debris.
Can you find the coastal carpet python in this photo? Source: Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast/Brandon Wilkinson

If your eyes went to what looks to be a hose in the top lefthand corner, you would be wrong, it's also not hiding in the mesh netting seen on the fence.

"Obviously, it's a bit easier for me, because I saw where it was when I took the photos, so every time I look at it now, I can see it straight away," Mr Wilkinson told Yahoo News Australia.

"I expected a few people to get it straight away, which they sort of did, but I thought I'd let it let it drag on a little bit. So everyone can sort of get involved as well and have a bit of fun."

The snake was actually lurking among the pink and yellow flowers, nestled near what appears to be a branch.

Carpet python sightings common

Mr Wilkinson said coastal carpet pythons are "ridiculously common" and he probably gets the most call-outs for those.

"It was probably a year or two old and he actually had a few little injuries from the birds sweeping at him," Mr Wilkinson said, speaking of the snake he recently caught.

He said it was a "pretty straight-forward catch before the snake was taken to a vet to be checked out.

"He was just sitting at the front of the garden that day," he said.

"It's just as simple as walking over and picking him up, and then placing him in a small bag."

A Coastal Carpet Python.
Snake catcher Brandon Wilkinson said coastal carpet pythons are "ridiculously common". Source: Getty Images, file

Mr Wilkinson urged people to maintain their gardens as best they can to prevent snakes from getting in, saying the more cover a snake has in the garden, the more likely they are to pass through your yard.

He added now is the time of year breeding starts to slow down and there are female snakes getting ready to lay eggs.

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