Can you spot what's wrong with this Airbnb ad?

A Scottish man has left Twitter users in stitches after pointing out an issue with an Airbnb ad.

Brian Ashe from Glasgow shared a picture from Airbnb of a room he and his friends hired in Croatia.

A pool table sits in the foreground of the lounge area with stone walls and a spiral staircase, but it doesn’t seem to show a key issue.

It turns out, the pool table is tiny and the photo, due to the angle, makes it look like a standard size.

Can you spot the issue with this room in Croatia? Source: Twitter/ Brian Ashe & Airbnb

“Hahahaha when one of the troops books an Air BnB specifically for the pool table,” Mr Ashe tweeted.

He later added a photo of one of his mates using the tiny pool table.

His tweet has more than 7,800 likes and 1300 retweets.

It turns out the pool table is really tiny. Source: Twitter/ Brian Ashe & Airbnb

One man said the initial picture of the pool table in the foreground is some “absolutely belting camera work”. 

Another man said he’d be asking for a refund.

At least the pool table got some use. Source: Twitter/ Brian Ashe