Can you spot the unique feature that has made this house very popular with potential buyers?

A four-bedroom home in Adelaide’s east is attracting attention from buyers due to a unique feature.

The house on Greenham Avenue in Magill is set on 828 square metres, has a double garage, indoor fish pond, city views and a built-in bar which has sliding doors to a roof top terrace, according to its listing on Real

But selling agent, Daryl Hermsen from Harcourts, said the most incredible aspect of the home was something its owner has installed himself: “extensive marble detailing”.

The kitchen bench tops also have marble. Source: Real Harcourts
This house on Greenham Avenue in Magill in Adelaide’s east features ‘extensive marble detailing’. Source: Real Harcourts

“There’s marble everywhere,” Mr Hermsen told Yahoo7.

“It’s a very unique home and the owner is a marble specialist. He does marble for a living and obviously he’s been showing off his skills inside his home.

“I haven’t seen anything like it.”

The terrace, which features city views and more marble detailing. Source: Real Harcourts
The foyer has an indoor fish pond. Source: Real Harcourts

Mr Hemsen added the “solid” double-brick home “ticks most boxes for people”.

“Nothing in this home is done on the cheap,” he said.

“You drive into the garage and it’s marble. There’s marble flooring and marble on the staircases. The bathroom basin, next to the spa, is incredible. It’s also made of marble.”

It goes under the hammer on Saturday, July 21.

The bar which leads out to the terrace. Source: Real Harcourts
The bathroom and spa. The agent said the basin is also made of marble. Source: Real Harcourts