Can you see what's different about this waitress's uniform?

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Restaurant goers were left in shock this week when a waitress served them more than they asked for.

Customers at Lee’s Landing Dock Bar in Maryland, USA, had to do a double take when they were waited on by a young woman wearing an unusual uniform.

Can you spot why?

A woman serving customers in a restaurant turned heads because of her unusual outfits. Can you see why? Source: Facebook/LeesLandingDock

At first glance Shannon looked totally normal, but in reality her outfit had been carefully painted on.

The stunt was received with mixed reactions from customers, who either loved her jean shorts and crop combo — or hated it.

“What the hell?” one person says as Shannon brings them their drinks.

This group of women were divided, with one in visible shock, while the rest loved the outfit. Source: YouTube/JenTheBodyPainter

While others told her they “love it”, adding they were jealous of her figure.

The social experiment was done by the talented body painter and YouTuber Jen The Body Painter, who loves to test out reactions to her art work.

Last week she sent a model into a sports game in a half painted on outfit, revealing her bare bum from behind.

People were so shocked by the barely there look they called security.

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