Can you see why fans 'will never look at Shapes the same again'?

Fans of one of Australia’s favourite biscuits say they will never see them the same way again after one eagle-eyed consumer spotted something many had missed right on the front of the box.

Comedian Christian Hull shared the discovery with his 460,000 Facebook fans on Wednesday and to say he surprised people is an understatement.

Every Shapes box is colour-coded to match the flavour of the biscuit and on the front of the box there is a white section with the word ‘Shapes’ and the flavour.

Can you see what’s wrong with the Shapes’ boxes? Source: AAP

Up until now, many snack fans would be forgiven for not thinking twice about the design of the box.
But it turns out the white part is in fact the shape of the biscuits inside.

Mr Hull shared a photo of a stack of Arnotts Shapes boxes taken at his local Woolies, with the caption “MIND BLOWN. The white part of the Shapes box is the actual shape of the biscuit inside!”

Christian Hull shared this snap on Facebook with many left mindblown. Source: Facebook / Christian Hull

Many were left shocked.

“No way! I’ve never noticed! Now that I do, it sticks out… Thank you Christian for enlightening me,” one person wrote. 

“What? Noooo! How have I not noticed this, Shapes have been my staple diet since I’ve had to fend for myself. I’ve eaten at least a 100kg worth since leaving home and I’ve never ever noticed. Wow,” another said. 

“I will never look at them the same again,” one person added. 

Some said they’ve worked in shopping centres for years and have never noticed.

“I work in a supermarket and have to stare at these boxes all day when they’re on sale. And I only noticed the background about two weeks ago,” one person said. 

“I’ve been working at Woolies doing Nightfill for 8yrs and never ever noticed,” another added. 

Packets of Arnott’s biscuits. Source: AAP

However, not everyone was mindblown.

“As if you didn’t know this,” one person commented. “People only just realised this?” another questioned. 

One person took a moment to blow more minds with a revelation about Bega cheese.

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“Trade name still remains Bega. Don’t believe me that’s fine, plenty of locals already know.”