Camper's plans to make it up to his wife after going missing for four days

A husband has some serious explaining to do after failing to get in touch with his wife during a camping trip in Victoria’s high country.

He finally turned up safe, but only after police launched a big search.

Bruce Ninnis’s wife Melinda shed tears of relief after fearing the worst.

Bruce Ninnis’s wife Melinda shed tears of relief after fearing the worst. Source: 7News

“Well this is all a bit surreal really, wasn’t expecting this,” he said of the search.

“Vey surprised, he was very embarrassed,” Victoria Police Sergeant Robyn Reed said.

“He didn’t think that, ah, going away for a few days camping was going to cause such a stir.”

The 55-year-old was feared missing after he set out on a solo camping trip to Woods Point on Monday.

The experienced camper would usually make daily contact, but this time he had no satellite reception.

Wife Melinda Ninnis raised the alarm after not hearing from her husband for four days. Source: 7News

He had tried to send text messages, but none went through.

His wife Melinda raised the alarm after not hearing from him.

The Police Air Wing and local officers searched for him, finding his car near Jamieson on Friday.

“[He was] probably a bit alarmed to see a police vehicle try to intercept him on a dirt road in the
middle of nowhere,” Sergeant Reed said.

“Relieved that nothing happened and he was found safe and sound,” Melinda said.

Police are urging campers to carry satellite phones when hiking in areas with no reception, so they’re not caught out in the event of an emergency.

Bruce Ninnis went camping in Victoria’s high country but had no satellite reception on his phone. Source: 7News

“He’s vowed to buy a satellite phone, so next time he can keep in touch,” Sergeant Reed said.

Mr Ninnis said he’d already put some thought into how to apologise to his wife.

“My son’s already informed me that it’s going to cost me a lot of money with counter meals and everything else,” he said.