Mum's heartfelt promise to daughter missing with another camper in bushland

The search continues for two campers missing in Victoria’s bushland six days after the pair was last seen.

Caleb Forbes, 22, and Shannon Lowden, 21, set off on a camping trip near the Thomson Dam in West Gippsland, in the state’s east, on Friday but did not say when they would return.

The alarm was raised when Mr Forbes failed to turn up to work on Sunday.

Caleb Forbes (left) and Shannon Lowden (right) set off on a camping trip in West Gippsland on Friday. Source: AAP.

Efforts to find the duo ramped up on Wednesday, with about 30 friends and family joining dozens of police, SES members and locals to search bushland around the Rawson, Aberfeldy and Thomson Dam areas.

The search resumed on Thursday with off-road motorbike riders expected to tackle hard-to-reach terrain in hopes of finding the pair or Mr Forbes' green 1994 Nissan Patrol.

The wagon may have become bogged, snowed in, inoperable due to a mechanical fault or gone off-road, Inspector Shane Cashman said.

Shannon's mother Debbie Lowden remains hopeful she will find her daughter alive and well.

"I feel like they've obviously got stuck somewhere and they can't get out," she told reporters.

"We will be here as long as we need to be here. We will be here until we find them."

She wanted her daughter to know she loved her and there were fresh chocolate muffins waiting for her at home.

Police are yet to locate Mr Forbes' green 1994 Nissan Patrol wagon and believe it may have bogged or broken down in bad weather.

The search continues for the two friends. Source: Facebook / Jacob McGhee.

Inspector Cashman said the search would continue to expand until police find the couple and the car.

"It's a search of over a thousand square kilometres that we have to cover and we're widening it as we go through and clear areas," he said.

Inspector Cashman said their disappearance was "totally out-of-character".

"If they are in their car and they've got camping gear that can keep them warm we are hopeful that they will be okay," he told 3AW.

"If they have moved away from their car then that's a concern but if they have stayed with their car, they can access water, they should have some supplies that have almost diminished but the water will keep them going."

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