New campaign after Vic road worker death

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A new campaign highlighting the everyday dangers faced by roadside workers and first responders has been launched by the Victorian government following the death of a traffic controller.

Transport Minister Ben Carroll launched the Humans of the Road digital advertising campaign on Friday, which profiles five people who either work on the roads or for emergency services and details the risks they face when people speed or drive dangerously past them.

It comes after traffic controller and father-of-four Timmy Rakei was killed and his workmate injured after they were hit by a car as they were setting up cones on a Carrum Downs road earlier this month.

Since 2017, it has been the law in Victoria to slow down to 40 km/h when passing law enforcement and emergency services that are active or have lights flashing.

Motorists are also required to slow down to the posted speed limit when passing roadside workers.

But Mr Carroll said too many motorists continue to speed and drive dangerously when passing these workers.

Despite spending much of 2020 in lockdown, 503 motorists were fined by police for failing to slow down when passing an emergency vehicle.

"Everyone should feel safe at work and this campaign is about reminding all motorists of the responsibilities we have, and the laws in place, to ensure everyone gets to go home to their loved ones each night," Mr Carroll said in a statement.

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