Campaign posters on trees to be taken down and turned into school bags

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Political posters belong on walls, but far too often overeager (or just plain lazy) campaigners attach them to trees instead. It’s not just a crime against nature but an actual crime under the law as well. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) are trying to prevent these illicitly placed posters from ending up as litter by taking them down and turning them into something useful.

After the agency confirmed that they had taken down over 114,000 such posters tacked on to trees, the DENR said that they would donate the confiscated materials to environmental groups such as EcoWaste Coalition who can turn the paraphernalia into bags and other school supplies.

The regions of Zamboanga Peninsula, Central Luzon, and Bicol reported the highest number of confiscated election materials.

Republic Act 3571 prohibits the cutting, destroying or injuring trees, flowering plants and shrubs or “plants of scenic value” along public roads and grounds.

Also, according to section 3 of Presidential Decree 953, those found destroying or injuring trees may be sent to prison for six months to two years, or be fined a penalty of not less than PHP500 (US$9.59) and not more than PHP5,000 (US$95.86), or both.

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