Camilla's shock role in Harry and Meghan exit

Penny Burfitt
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An unexpected Royal has a say in Meghan and Harry's future. Photo: Getty Images

As the Megxit drama unfolds, and a resolution seems to be on the way, an unlikely key player has emerged and it could be a sore point within the family dynamic.

As senior members of the family thrash out an agreement, it has seems the Duchess of Cornwall is entitled to be part of the decision making thanks to her position on the Privy Council.

The Privy Council is a board of advisors to the crown, found within all monarchies, but particularly important in a constitutional monarchy like the UK.

Camilla's role on the Privy Council means she is an official advisor to the Queen. Photo: Getty Images

In a surprising twist, Camilla is one of just four members of the royal family to sit on the council, along with Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Prince William, and one of three active members involved, with Prince Phillip having retired.

Though firmly in the past, Camilla and Charles’ affair during his marriage to Harry’s mother, and ultimate marriage, is sure to make the realisation that Camilla has a say in his family’s future a tough pill to swallow for Harry.

The Express reported the council is likely to weigh in on ongoing questions of the pair’s arrangement.

Deciding the titles as Queen withholds

Most notable is the council’s likelihood to advise on the pair’s royal titles going forward.

After the Queen notably referred to the couple as ‘Harry and Meghan’ rather than their formal titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Queen dropped the 'Duke' and 'Duchess' in her formal statement on the pair's exit. Photo: Getty Images

Since then speculation has raged as to whether the pair will keep their titles like Harry’s cousin’s Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, or whether they will forfeit them and go by their first names like cousin Zara Tindell.

Camilla has not presently been reported to be at Sandringham this week.

Meanwhile, speculation around Meghan’s absence from the meeting between senior members of the family after reports she was ‘barred’ from Monday’s crisis talks with the Queen ran rife, have been put to bed.

Buckingham Palace has now confirmed that the Duchess did not take part in the emergency Megxit meeting at Sandringham because she and her husband, Prince Harry, decided it ‘wasn’t necessary’.

“In the end, the Sussexes decided that it wasn't necessary for the Duchess to join,” a representative for Buckingham Palace told Yahoo U.K. on Tuesday.

Earlier on, it was speculated that the 38-year-old would participate via conference call from Canada after returning stateside last Friday, but those plans were reportedly called off over security concerns.

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