Camila Cabello's image reboot 'has been risky'

Camila Cabello accepts that her rebrand is a "risky" move.

The 27-year-old pop star dyed her hair blonde and embraced a new sound ahead of releasing 'C,XOXO', her fourth studio album, and Camila believes her image reboot comes with some risk attached to it.

Speaking to Complex, she explained: "It's so ironic. I feel like the inauthentic thing to do would be to give the public what you know is gonna work for you, or what they're already expecting from you. That's the easy way to keep going like, ‘Oh, you like 'Havana', I'll give you five more of those'.

"But, it's so much more risky and comes from a place of artistic integrity to be like, ‘Well, I'm actually going to depart from the thing that everybody knows and likes about me in order to try things and experiment and evolve as an artist.'"

Camila feels she's still "learning to be a woman".

The former Fifth Harmony star believes her personal evolution is reflected on her new album.

She shared: "It felt like this exploration of girlhood into womanhood … even the line in 'Dream Girls', where I'm like, all the girls that are learning to be women now get the album', I feel like it really feels like me … learning to be a woman."

Meanwhile, Camila previously revealed that she's "really into Buddhism".

The singer has found various "mechanisms" to cope with the pressures of fame and success.

She said on the 'Armchair Expert' podcast: "I don't think I would've changed when I started [ in the music industry], because so many parts of my personality today are because of the tools and the skills and ... some adaptive and some maladaptive mechanisms that I had to develop to survive and thrive.

"For example, I'm really into Buddhism. That would have never happened, because I need those tools - being calm and being able to pull through. But also, it carries over to other life stuff where I feel like I'm wiser than I would have been."