Cameron Diaz thinks she was once a drug mule during her early days as a model: 'They gave me a suitcase'

Cameron Diaz shared that she believes she unwittingly served as a drug "mule" while attempting to start a modeling career in Paris.

Eager to see the world and able to save up for a Paris apartment thanks to catalog modeling work she'd done back home in California, the future star moved abroad as a young woman in hopes of making it big as a model. But, as she shared on the Second Life podcast last week, she now suspects that the only modeling job she got was actually a cover for transporting drugs.

“I didn’t work a day," Diaz, now 49, said of striking out as a model in Paris. "I was there a full year and I didn’t work one day. I couldn’t book a job to save my life. I got like one job, but really I think I was like a mule carrying drugs to Morocco — I swear to God.

"It was before TSA [Transportation Security Administration] or anything like that," she added. "It was like early '90s. They gave me a suitcase that was locked that had my ‘costumes’ in it — quote, unquote."

When Diaz arrived in Morocco, officials asked her who owned the suitcase, and whether or not it could be opened. She eventually told them it was not hers.

"All of the calculations in my head went running back, like 'what the f*** is in this suitcase?' I'm this blond-haired, blue-eyed girl in Morocco, it's the '90s, I'm wearing torn jeans and platform boots and my hair down, and this is really unsafe.

"That was my only job I ever got in Paris," she added.

Of course, Diaz skyrocketed to fame shortly after. She scored her role opposite Jim Carrey in 1994's The Mask while she was still living in Paris, and soon became an international star, racking up Golden Globe nominations for roles in Vanilla Sky and Gangs of New York. But by 2018, she chose to retire from Hollywood, and went on to welcome a daughter, Raddix, with husband Benji Madden in 2019. But just last month, Diaz announced that she would step back into the acting game for the upcoming Netflix feature Back in Action, in which she'll star opposite Jamie Foxx.

"I feel excited, but I don't know how to do this," Diaz explained in a recording posted to social media by Foxx, Yahoo Entertainment previously reported.