Cameraman captures moment he was attacked after dog abuse court case

AAP and Jordan Cutts

A 7 News cameraman has captured the moment he was attacked outside court after a case in which a Perth couple was fined thousands of dollars for mistreating their dog.

Joshua Rona, 27, lashed out after he was fined $2000 and banned from coming into contact with animals for five years for savagely beating his four-year-old bulldog Buddah.

Approaching cameraman Cameron Wallis outside the Joondalup Magistrates Court on Thursday, Mr Rona asked: “Do you want to get hurt?”

Joshua Rona, who was fined for savagely beating his dog, lashed out at a 7 News cameraman. Photo: 7 News

He then slaps the camera and walks on but seconds later, his partner Shannon Bosenberg approaches the camera and strikes Mr Wallis.

Shannon Bosenberg punched 7 News cameraman Cameron Wallis. Photo: 7 News

Her violent reaction came after she was fined $2000 for failing to take reasonable steps to alleviate harm to the dog.

RSPCA inspectors responded to complaints from concerned neighbours that a dog was being beaten at a property in Ridgewood in May last year.

Vets described the wounds as being caused by blunt force.

Mr Rona argued he used reasonable force to discipline his dog. Photo: 7 News

One witness told the RSPCA they saw Rona take a swing at the dog with a long piece of metal.

When officers arrived at Mr Rona's home he refused to let the dog be taken.

An inspector told the court she was threatened that her head would be ripped off if she did not get out of his house. Police were then called to the property.

An image showing Buddha's wounds. Photo: 7 News

The Ridgewood couple argued that plates and glasses had fallen and smashed on Buddha.

Mr Rona argued he used reasonable force to discipline his dog but Magistrate Geoff Lawrence rejected that.

"The photos speak for themselves almost on just how forceful the attack was," the judge said.

The couple has also been ordered to pay $4800 in vet and legal costs. The dog will be re-homed.