Camden High Street to be pedestrianised under plans drawn up by council

Camden High Street (PA)
Camden High Street (PA)

Camden council has asked residents for their views on plans to pedestrianise the high street as part of a new consultation.

The council wants to create a “motor traffic-free” section of the High Street, from the junction with Parkway and Kentish Town Road to the junction with Jamestown Road and Hawley Crescent.

The area has seen “significant overcrowding” at peak times, the council said, adding that “high levels of motor vehicle traffic can lead to conflict with pedestrians... worsen air quality, and negatively affect visitors’ experience”.

A public consultation on the proposed trial has gone live this week and will run to August 30.

If approved, an initial 18-month trial period may be launched from the end of the year or from early 2025.

If the plans are given the green light, Jamestown Road will be made one-way as bus routes passing through the area will need to be changed, as well as loading and delivery arrangements.

Camden council is working closely with Transport for London to draw up a plan for buses in the area.

The transport body has also provided £130,000 for the development of the trial.Councillor Adam Harrison said: “Camden High Street’s iconic markets, music venues and range of businesses make it a vibrant place, catering to visitors and Camden residents alike.

“The high street is the gateway to this. However, with over 40,000 visitors at peak times, the area also experiences significant overcrowding, with not enough space for people to enjoy their time in the area.”

Mr Harrison added that trialling the removal of vehicles would help to create a safer and healthier space.If accepted, the council has promised to keep the trial under continual review.

CEO of Camden Town Unlimited, Simon Pitkeathley, said the trial would be game-changer for local businesses.

“By creating a more walkable and welcoming environment, pedestrianisation will enhance the customer experience, increase foot traffic, and pave the way for a vibrant, activated high street.

“As we all know, Camden Town can be quite overcrowded, so any new public space is always a welcome addition.”