Caltex unveils what may be Australia's most luxurious servo

Olivia Lambert
News Editor

Aussies usually duck in to fill up the tank and use the bathroom if they’re brave enough.

Alarming research from Caltex has found almost half of people believe service station toilets are dirty and almost 60 per cent will avoid using the toilet if they can.

About 35 per cent of people would rather hold on than use a service station toilet and one in four believe bad things happen in the bathrooms.

The service station features greenery and modern bathrooms. Source: Supplied/Lisa Cohen

Caltex is now opening what could be Australia’s most luxurious petrol station to challenge views of the traditional Aussie servo.

The Foodary at Derrimut, in Melbourne’s west, has forest greenery, WiFi, a diner-style kitchen serving made-to-order meals as well as modern bathrooms and showers designed by Alisa and Lysandra Fraser.

The ‘luxurious’ service station was unveiled in Melbourne’s west. Source: Supplied/Lisa Cohen

General manager of convenience development at Caltex told Yahoo7 News some service stations had not focused enough on service.

Our new Derrimut store features arguably Australia’s best service station toilets and a food and coffee offer that will challenge long-held views of the Aussie ‘servo’,” she said.

Ms Moore claims the new bathroom and shower facilities will help change customer perceptions of what to expect from service stations.

Drivers have the opportunity to take a shower after a long journey. Source: Supplied/Lisa Cohen

“There is no doubt that some service stations have not focused enough on service and these views will take some time to change,” she said.

“Our customers tell us that they want better service and we have been listening.

“It’s not necessarily about ‘one-off’ luxury, but lifting the standard across our national network to improve the customer experience at all touch points – from the quality of cleanliness of toilets, to high-quality coffee and food offer and using technology to make it easier to shop with us.”

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The diner-style eating area within The Foodary at Derrimut. Source: Supplied/Lisa Cohen