Calls for plain packaging laws for toys slammed as 'nonsense'

A leading child psychologist has blasted calls for children's toys to be subjected to plain packaging laws as 'completely ridiculous'.

The Adelaide branch of international women's group Zonta International submitted the proposal to the domestic violence and gender inequality Senate inquiry, calling for children's toys to be subject to the same rules as cigarettes.

It claims packaging on children's toys can lead to girls acting 'sexy and dismissive' and boys acting 'dominant and macho'.

Michael Carr-Greg. Photo: Supplied
Michael Carr-Greg. Photo: Supplied

Michael Carr-Gregg, a child and adolescent psychologist, told Yahoo7 that the proposal was not based on any scientific facts or research.

"I find it amazing that in this day and age, with all the problems that are going on in the world, a charity is wasting time and energy on this," he said.

"We have just had a Victorian commission into child abuse, I find it amazing that people are even talking about this.

"There are no scientific facts or basis to what they are saying and therefore it should be relegated to the garbage of irrelevance.

"It's nonsense and completely ridiculous."

The submission read: “Sexualisation of young children through products, dress, toys and cosmetics reinforces that girls should be sexy, submissive, and boys should be dominant, macho, important and strong.

“These products reinforce boys to grow to males that can be powerful and strong, and that girls need to be attractive and submissive to males. (We) suggest making a campaign like the successful plain packaging of cigarettes.”

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