'Close to useless': Calls for latest Coles collectables to be scrapped

Yahoo News Staff
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Coles have announced Stikeez collectables are set to return – but it seems not everyone is thrilled to have them back.

The supermarket announced on Tuesday the collectables range were returning with 24 new characters to covet, and a new healthy eating program to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

However, a Change.org petition is calling for production on the latest line of collectables to be scrapped.

Coles Stikeez are pictured.
People are calling for the new Stikeez to be scrapped. Source: Getty Images

“These ‘toys’ are close to useless and most will end up in landfill,” the petition reads.

“Coles are promoting their link to a recycling operation so the Stikeez can be recycled but doesn't that defeat the purpose? Do our children (and some adults) really need them in the first place?”

It adds “recycling is not the answer” and “wasteful plastic promotions need to stop now”.

The petition has been signed by more than 26,500 people.

A popular mum blogger also voiced her disappointment over the release of the new Stikeez last month.

Coles has been contacted for comment.

The supermarket’s chief marketing officer Lisa Ronson said in a press release earlier this week the aim was to bring Stikeez back “but in a more sustainable way”.

An image of shopping trolleys outside a Coles supermarket in Sydney.
The collectables are being brought back in "a more sustainable way", according to Coles. Source: AAP, file

“Customers can now return any duplicate, old and spare Stikeez back to Coles supermarkets to be recycled,” Ms Ronson said.

“They’re also wrapped in responsibly sourced paper that’s fully recyclable in kerbside recycling bins at home.”

In 2019, when approached for comment on the Stikeez range, a Coles spokesperson said the collectables were designed for customers to “keep for a long time”.

“The Stikeez are collectable items and designed for customers to keep and not dispose of,” the spokesperson said.

John Elliott, the founder of Saves Our Soles which aims at recycling shoes, said “it’s great news” the Stikeez would be recyclable.

Save Our Soles is working with Coles on the campaign.