Calls for Australia's Grand Mufti to condemn IS over Paris terror attacks

Bryan Seymour

Calls have been made to Australia's Grand Mufti to condemn the Islamic State in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Immigration minister Peter Dutton said he wants Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed to 'clarify his comments' made about the terrorist attack which killed 132 people on Friday.

The self proclaimed leader of Australia's half a million Muslims has expressed condolences to the victims but he didn't blame Islamic State.

Australia's Grand Mufti. Photo: 7 News
Peter Dutton. Photo: Supplied

After expressing his condolences the Grand Mufti declared the ‘current strategies to deal with terrorism are not working, racism, Islamaphobia, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed."

Mr Dutton said Dr Mohammed should explain his comments without delay.

7 News reporter Bryan Seymour went to the Grand Mufti’s offices on Tuesday to see if he would clarify the statement, but the news editor of his radio station answered the door saying the Grand Mufti was ill.

The news editor told 7 News: "I am against what happened. The innocent people, those are innocent people.”

Mr Dutton called for the Grand Mufti to condemn Islamic State, telling radio station 2GB he added: "There is no excuse, and there is no qualification and the opportunity is there for the Grand Mufti to come out today to issue a statement that is not qualified, doesn't provide excuses."

Jamal Rifi. Photo: 7 News

Jamal Rifi, community leader, said: "The Grand Mufti has condemned numerous times the actions of Daesh."

The founder of the newly formed Australian Muslim party supported the mufti.

Diaa Mohammed, from the Australian Muslim party, added: "I don't see what all the fuss is about, unless I'm hearing it differently or reacting differently, he's absolutely got a fair point."

The Muslim party plans to run in every state and federal elections and welcomes non-Muslims to join.