Woman becomes the victim of another vicious coward punch in a callous daylight atttack

Caity Stone

Security cameras have captured the moment a woman was violently punched unconscious from behind in the broad Cairns daylight.

The unsuspecting 29-year-old was walking along the footpath in front of a Mulgrave Road takeaway store during the lunchtime rush on February 1 in the moments before the brutal and unprovoked attack occurred.

Security cameras at a nearby takeaway food store captured the sickening moment the woman was violently punched by the male offender before falling to the footpath.

The impact of the fall was so great that when her head hit the concrete she was knocked unconscious.

The moments after the shocking occurred. Source: 7 News.

"She was on the ground, bleeding, bleeding from her forehead," a witness to the attack told 7 News.

"Yes unbelievable, I still can't think, I'm really shocked," another witness said.

The footage then shows the alleged offender running away from the scene of the attack.

The woman is left on the footpath after the shocking attack. Source: 7 News.

Police have stated that the attack was random and the victim wasn’t known to the attacker.

They have charged a 22-year-old male with assault and obstructing police.

The alleged attacker was granted bail in Cairns before allegedly committing a number of other crimes in Brisbane.

The 22-year-old is due in Cairns Magistrates Court next month.

A shocked witness spoke out about the shocking attack. Source: 7 News.

This attack is the latest in a string of violent coward punches to occurred in Queensland recently.

18-year-old elite water polo player Cole Miller was left for dead when he was attacked while walking with a friend through Chinatown Mall last month.

The young man suffered serious head injuries and was transported to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Another shocking attack also occurred last month when a Queensland mother was allegedly coward punched by a man who was refused entry into an entertainment precinct in Mt Isa.

Melissa Abdoo was managing the front door at the club when she refused entry to the man who she believed was intoxicated.

Angered that he was denied entry, the man’s wife confronts Ms Abdoo before he allegedly walked up behind her and threw a punch so forceful it knocked her straight to the ground.

In yet another shocking attack a Brisbane teen suffered suspected head injuries after reportedly being held in a headlock and punched at a cab rank near where 18-year-old Cole Miller was fatally struck.

The incident occurred in Fortitude Valley at the Ann St taxi rank at around 2am and involved two groups of men.

Police report the 19-teen-year-old victim was forcibly held in a headlock by one man and repeatedly punched in the head by a second man.