Caddick family want voice heard at inquest

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Melissa Caddick's mother and brother have requested their voice be heard at her inquest and would like to give evidence about the relationship with her husband.

Anthony Koletti's solicitor Judy Swan on Thursday told the NSW Coroners Court four days after the inquest began that Barbara and Adam Grimley "expressed a concern their voice has not been heard".

"They are concerned about the nuances made ... in relation to their son-in-law and their brother-in-law and they would like to give evidence about the relationship between Mr Koletti and Ms Caddick," Ms Swan said.

Deputy State Coroner Elizabeth Ryan said she would consider the matter at a later date.

The last verified sighting of Ms Caddick was when the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and Australian Federal Police raided her Dover Heights mansion on November 11, 2020.

The next morning she was purportedly heard leaving in the early hours to go for a run and some 30 hours after that Mr Koletti informed police she never returned.

Her Ponzi scheme victims, mostly family and friends, lost $20-$30 million she used to fund her lavish lifestyle.

In February 2021 her decomposing foot encased in a shoe washed ashore at Bournda Beach on the NSW south coast.

A week after the conwoman vanished without a trace Sydney eastern suburbs crime manager Detective Inspector Gretchen Atkins gave a public plea alongside Mr Koletti and Mr Grimley.

Det Insp Atkins said she met Mr Koletti at the police station before the media stand-up and found it hard to follow his train of thought and that he appeared "scatty".

"It was based on that ... that I wanted a second search done at the house," Det Insp Atkins said.

Another more thorough inspection was conducted at the multi-storey home but nothing suspicious was located.

"I would not have been surprised if we had been able to locate Ms Caddick, if she'd walked into the police station," she said.

"At the same time if we'd unfortunately found her body at the bottom of the cliff I would not have been surprised.

"From where I sat it was 50-50 both ways."

Counsel assisting Jason Downing SC asked the witness if she was surprised to find out NSW police only sought the 92-page affidavit of Isabella Allen - ASIC's lead investigator in Ms Caddick's fraud - on February 1, 2021.

"Yes," she responded.

Three days after Ms Caddick disappeared the police suspected Mr Koletti was assisting her in hiding, but nothing gathered in their investigations pointed to murder.

"There'd been searches at the house, there'd been conversations with Mr Koletti ... there was no evidence of homicide," Det Insp Atkins said.

"If there had been anything we would have absolutely notified the homicide squad."

Mr Downing revealed that Ms Caddick had a life insurance policy covering suicide.

But this discovery did not change the course of the investigation, Detective Sergeant Steven Morgan said.

Det Sgt Morgan was brought on as a consultant into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the conwoman's disappearance in March 2021.

In February 2021 her decomposing foot encased in a shoe washed ashore at Bournda Beach on the NSW south coast.

Subsequent experiments were considered to have pig carcasses, wearing running shoes on their trotters fitted with trackers, tossed into the ocean.

This was to be done to track ocean currents and the possible "route taken," and to ascertain sharks' behaviour.

Det Sgt Morgan is unaware whether this was ever conducted.

The inquest continues.