'A right bodge job': Buyers stumped by house's very unusual feature

There’s nothing peculiar about this home if you’re viewing it from the street, but something odd about its interior has raised eyebrows, and the anxiety levels of electricians.

The online advert for the five-bedroom house on Rushdene Road in Pinner, in Greater London, presents it as any other ordinary suburban family home.

But on the inside, its three bathrooms and nice wooden floors aren’t the only things it has to offer.

Plastered across the walls in the living area and in all the bedrooms, are dozens and dozens of power sockets.

The home appeared as any other on the street when viewing it from the outside. Source: rightmove.co.uk
An upstairs sunlit room shown with many power sockets and down lights. Source: rightmove.co.uk

Hundreds of people revelled in the unusual design after one prospective homebuyer shared it to Twitter, jokingly writing: “Thinking about buying this house, but I'm not sure it has enough plug sockets”.

Many were taken aback at the sheer volume of outlets and speculated as to why the owner thought it was necessary to install so many.

One thought it looked similar to an office he once worked in, asking people to imagine the room “densely packed with desks for PCs and laptops, with a lot of people moving about”.

Some had other ideas.

“This is what happens when a qualified sparky makes a weed factory,” one person joked.

A bedroom with several sockets across every available wall. Source: rightmove.co.uk

Others were more offended by the crooked positioning of some of the casings.

“A right bodge job. It really offends my eye that they are not level or lined up properly,” one replied.

“As an electrician this makes me deeply uncomfortable,” another said.

Several thought it was particularly hilarious the agent responsible for the listing had made no mention of the property’s obvious stand-out feature.

“I love how the property description totally pretends this isn't happening. Elephant in the room (all of the rooms) much?,” one wrote.

A huge mess of power outlets cover the room's magnolia walls. Source: rightmove.co.uk

Someone else thought there would be one time of year the bizarre abundance of power sockets would come in handy. “Can never have too many sockets at Christmas,” they offered.

One wrote that her husband worked in electrical layouts and generally “likes plugs”, but agreed there were simply too many in the home for it to be enjoyable to look out.

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