Private island could be yours - but you have to catch your own dinner!

Forget purchasing a home, why not buy a whole island?

A South Pacific nine-and-a-half-acre island paradise has hit the market, but you’ll have to be willing to fork out $4.5 million (2,850,000 Euros) to afford it.

Aerial images of the little slice of heaven show the island bordered with white sandy beaches and clear blue ocean water.

Other shots show a sun setting against the untouched backdrop of palm trees and sun beds on a secluded beach alongside a private bungalow.

The island of Motu Teta is located in Rangiroa (Commune of Tiputa), French Polynesia, 340 kilometres from Tahiti’s Papeete and a one-and-a-half hour boat ride from Rangiroa.

This slice of heaven could be all yours for about $4.5 million.Source: Vladi Private Islands /

“If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own island in a South Pacific tropical paradise, covered in lush palms, cooled by gentle breezes, surrounded by warm tropical waters teeming with exotic corals and sea life, then your dream could possibly come true,” states the for sale listing.

Motu Teta is the Tahitian name meaning ‘far away isle’ and the topical paradise is covered in coconut palms, surrounded by a warm lagoon.

“For the discrete private individual looking for a personal escape, or an ideal resort location, Motu Teta is ideal,” the listing reads.

“Trusted staff keeps the grounds and the buildings in top shape and tourist operation guarantees extra income, if so desired.”

Motu Teta island is a short boat ride from Rangiroa. Source: Vladi Private Islands /

The listing spruiks the island as “far from the stresses of everyday life”.

“Fish for your own dinner and relax on your own white sand beach,” it said.

“The current accommodations include owner’s bungalow and a guest beach bungalow, caretaker’s accommodations and an utility building. Fresh rain water is collected in the cistern and electricity is generated by two generators and some solar panels.”

The exotic island is located in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. Source: Vladi Private Islands /

Flights from Sydney and other international cities arrive in Papeete daily. A one-hour local flight brings you to Rangiroa, then a short lagoon boat ride brings you to Motu Teta.

Basic supplies, restaurants and shopping, as well as gourmet foods from France and around the world are available in Papeete.

– Media Drum World/Australscope