Business as usual for SA hospital

The Renmark Hospital, which was saved from Murray River flooding by a major levee, has returned to full operation as water levels continue to recede.

Acute inpatient admissions have resumed after being suspended in early December and aged care residents, who were relocated to other sites, have also returned.

"I'm incredibly pleased that all the activities at the Renmark Paringa District Hospital have returned to business as usual," Health Minister Chris Picton said on Wednesday.

"Local residents can once again receive acute inpatient services closer to their home and in their own community."

Renmark and its hospital were areas of serious concern as the floodwaters rose last year amid fears the town's levee system might not hold up.

Repairs and upgrade work was undertaken to bolster the flood barrier along with work across a network of levees down the Murray.

In the end, river flows peaked at about 190 gigalitres a day, somewhat below what the levee was engineered to take.

Those flows reached the Lower Lakes and the Murray mouth earlier this month.

Since then water levels have dropped steadily with flows across the border expected to fall as low as 60 GL a day by mid-February.

Restrictions on water activities, including boating, fishing and swimming are also being slowly removed.

This week boats and jet skis were allowed back on the river in the area between Overland Corner and Waikerie with some speed limits still in force.