Busiest day of the year to move house: why the last Friday in August is the most popular date for movers

The final Friday in August is the most popular date for home moves (Alamy Stock Photo)
The final Friday in August is the most popular date for home moves (Alamy Stock Photo)

While many Brits will be looking forward to a relaxing long weekend today, several thousand others are embarking on what is commonly held to be one of the most stressful experiences in life: moving house.

The final Friday in August is the most popular moving date once again this year, according to data analysis conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance and removals quote provider Reallymoving.

Some 5,500 moves are expected to take place today, almost four times as many as the UK’s daily average of 1,400.

“With the long summer bank holiday weekend it’s no surprise Friday 25 August is set to be the busiest day to move,” comments Paula Higgins, chief executive of the HomeOwners Alliance. “A long weekend gives movers the opportunity to get settled and sorted before families return to school and work.”

The findings are based on data from the last 11 years, which show movers have a marked preference for the summer months. August is the busiest month, with 11.7 per cent of all owner-occupier moves taking place in that month.

Movers also have a strong preference for Fridays over any other day of the week, with almost a third of moves taking place on this day.

Most popular days to move


Last Friday in August

Last Friday in September

Last Friday in July

Last Friday in June

Last Friday in November

Last Friday in October

Last Friday in May

Last Friday in March

First Friday in September

Second Last Friday in August

Source: HomeOwners Alliance/reallymoving

After today’s date, the next-busiest day for moving will be in a month’s time, on the final Friday of September.

But for those with more flexibility in their schedules, there is an opportunity to save money by picking the quietest days. One in five removals firms surveyed by reallymoving said they would be willing to negotiate on price for less busy days.

“With the average two-bedroom house move costing over £500, it would be wise for households to consider moving at a less busy time so they can negotiate a discount on their removals quote,” Ms Higgins says. “However, this may require you to negotiate with others in the chain through your conveyancer.”

February is the least popular month for moving, followed closely by January. Meanwhile Sunday is the quietest day of the week, with Tuesday the next best option.