Busan government offers cash for singles to match up at blind date event


Saha-gu, a district in Busan, is set to hold a blind date event in October, where the local government will provide cash subsidies of 1 million won ($721) or 500,000 won ($360) each to newly formed couples who meet at the event. While the specific rules have not yet been disclosed, interested participants must undergo a vetting process, which includes applications and interviews, to be selected.

  • More cash incentives: The event is open to people aged between 23 and 43 who are working and living in the district. Besides the initial 1 million won cash incentive, potential future partners will also receive an additional 2 million won ($1,440) if they meet each other’s parents, and a substantial cash incentive of 20 million won ($14,430) if they get married. The district will also support newlyweds with a 30 million won ($21,650) housing deposit or 800,000 won ($577) in monthly rent for up to five years.

  • What they’re saying: “This project is designed to overcome the demographic crisis amid South Korea's low birth rate by forming a multicultural local community in the future,” district head Lee Gap-jun said. If successful, the district hopes to hold similar events in the future, potentially including foreigners living and working in Saha-gu.


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