Bus driver's excuse after appearing to be asleep at the wheel

A bus driver appearing to fall asleep behind the wheel has been caught on video by a concerned commuter.

Footage posted to social media earlier this week shows the SBS Transit bus driver in Singapore appearing to nod off while carrying a number of passengers.

The video has since gone viral and while some have slammed the driver for being dangerous, others said he was overworked, and his employer says it is not what it seems.

The SBS bus driver appearing to nod off behind the wheel. Source: Facebook.

Senior vice president of SBS Transit’s corporate communications, Tammy Tan, denied the driver was falling asleep and said he had neck problems.

“While the video seems to suggest that our bus captain was dozing off at the wheel, our findings based on the CCTV footage from the bus reveals that this was not the case,” she told Channel NewsAsia.

She said the driver’s neck made him “bend more than normal” but it didn’t impact his driving ability.

“The bus captain kept to his lane, slowed down when approaching bus stops and also stopped safely behind other buses or vehicles,” she said.

The Independent in Singapore reports bus drivers in the country work nine hours a day, six days a week.

Bus drivers are also 55-years-old on average, seven years younger than the national retirement age.