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Bus driver praised for quick-thinking act with huge snake

The man's good deed on the Gold Coast has prompted calls for him to be promoted to prime minister or Australian of the year.

A Queensland bus driver has been hailed as an “absolute legend” for his “beautiful act of kindness”.

The man was behind the wheel on the Gold Coast when he spotted a huge snake on the road in Tugan, Nine News reported.

Despite being mid-route, the driver popped out at the traffic lights to rescue the reptile from being flattened at the busy intersection.

The bus driver bending down to pick up the snake off the road (left) the man carrying the snake off the road (right).
The bus driver was filmed bending down to pick up the snake off the road before carrying it to safety. Source: Nine News

In footage captured by a witness, the man can be seen walking over to the snake lying in the middle of the road. As he approaches it, a stream of vehicles pass by before he bends down and casually picks it up by the tail.

Holding the snake out in front of him, the driver crosses the road as the seemingly confused snake wriggles and twists its body in the air. The bus driver can then be seen rushing along a footpath until he reaches a grassy area where he finally releases his rescuee.

After pausing for a few seconds to make sure the reptile was alright, he then walks away but not before warning a pedestrian who was about to stumble across the snake.

‘All-round good bloke’

The clip has since gone viral, racking up more than 620,000 views and 3,500 comments. Among them, many viewers were quick to praise the transport worker’s good deed.

“Good job Mr Bus Driver,” one person wrote. “What a great guy!” chimed another.

“Absolute legend, I am so glad he did it,” commented a third. “There is far too much hatred towards snakes. They don’t deserve it.”

“Thank you for saving this gorgeous snake, hats off to you buddy,” someone else wrote under the footage. “[A] beautiful act of kindness going beyond protecting our animals,” added another.

Some even called for the “all-round good bloke” to get a pay rise, or a promotion.

“Bus driver for prime minister,” one person joked. “Australian of the year,” agreed another.

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