Burnout gender reveal fail as car goes up in flames

A couple’s gender reveal party ended in disaster, when they did a burnout with pink smoke which caused the car to go up in flames.

The couple had a unique gender reveal party, which was caught on camera in Meningie, 150 kilometres south of Adelaide, on Sunday.

Footage shows the car doing a burn-out with pink smoke as onlookers scream with excitement.

However, their joy at the gender reveal quickly turned into panic as the smoke turned black and flames appeared.

“Fire! Fire extinguisher in the back of the car! Get back, get back,” a man is heard screaming in the video, as the incident unfolds.

The couple's gender reveal went up in flames (pictured) in Meningie, South Australia.
The couple’s gender reveal went up in flames (pictured). Source: 7News

Some in Meningie say they’re not only concerned the burnout gender reveal could have sparked a bushfire.

South Australia Police say this type of reveal poses a danger to spectators and a real risk of starting a bushfire.

It comes after video was released last month of a gender reveal which turned into a nightmare in Arizona, US in April 2017.

Footage shows a rectangular target with a diamond, chequered design marked with “boy” or “girl” in Coronado National Forest in Arizona.

It then explodes, emitting a blue gaseous plume, setting the grass on fire and causing a costly wildfire.

The couple did a burn out with pink smoke as a gender reveal stunt.
The couple did a burn out with pink smoke as a gender reveal stunt. Source: 7News